Spiritual guidance

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Why have a reading? A spiritual reading can offer comfort, guidance, and clarity as you walk upon your path in this life. A reading can connect you with loved ones who have moved on. It can help to illuminate the path that lies before you. It can shed light and understanding on what has come before. It can help to understand the relationships in your life or give you guidance on how best to navigate life when it becomes confusing or overwhelming. 

Denise Joy connects with Spirit to bring forth to you understanding and wisdom. Her readings are uplifting, respectful and are aimed to bring you peace. Each reading is unique. She can connect with her guides, your guides and those who have passed on, as well as higher vibrational beings, such as angels and ascended masters. She may connect with a past life that will help to clarify a situation in this life. All she offers is to help you find your way along this journey called life.

Readings are available in person, by phone or by video chat. 

A one hour reading is $150.

Gallery readings are $50/person. If you host a gallery with a minimum of 10 guests, you will receive a free one hour reading as a thank you.

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Denise Joy enjoys the energy that a group "gallery reading" brings. Gather a group of 10-18 and she will read for each one within the group setting. It's a great bonding experience and serves as a fun evening or afternoon. It's a wonderful way to see what a reading by Denise Joy is all about.