About Denise Joy

Additional Information

Denise Joy is a psychic medium whose mission is to help bring clarity, comfort and healing through her gifts. 

She was born into a family of Irish women who had "the gift" of knowing and healing. Her first experience, at age 4, set the stage for her to embark on a lifetime of pursuing personal growth through spiritual development. Throughout the years, while teaching special education, raising her 3 children, and volunteering with disenfranchised youth, she continued to learn from every spiritual modality available to her. Along the way, she learned Tarot, Therapeutic Touch and shamanic practices, to name  a few. Her natural mediumship abilities began at an early age when she received messages from her loved ones who had passed on to the spirit realm.

By consistently clearing and raising her own vibrational energies, she is able to connect with higher vibrational guides, angels and Ascended Masters. She credits her Lightarian attunements as especially helpful in raising her own vibrations to allow higher communication. Her recent experiences with regression has allowed her to clear many aspects of her own life, thereby finding more peace and joy within herself.

 Denise Joy is a certified Lightarian facilitator as well as a licensed hypnotherapist.  She completed the hypnotherapy education in Winnipeg, Canada in August, 2018 and will complete her training in Regression Therapy at the Past Life Regression Academy in the United Kingdom as a fully certified practitioner in December, 2019.