Additional Information

Denise Joy is a certified facilitator of the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation. She offers attunements with high vibrational beings who have come forward to aid in healing, the expansion of spiritual awareness and the stimulation of personal spiritual development...all to support personal and planetary transformation. 

At this time, Denise Joy offers two of the healing attunement  programs.


Through the attunement meditations, You will be linked with a specialized team of angelic energies, consisting of a Seraph and four Archangels to assist you in your day-to-day life. They will expand the pure angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and joy within your energy fields. The link is permanent; they will forever be available to you for guidance and support. 

The five high angelic beings are Seraph Rose Aura, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Gabriel.

The Lightarian Rays

By receiving the Lightarian Rays attunements, your spiritual transformation will be accelerated. The Rays are a series of powerful, guided meditation attunements inspired by the Celestial Masters: Maitreya, El Morya, Buddha, Sananda and St. Germain, and by our Universal Source.

The first five Rays focus on the essential phases of spiritual processing: Empowerment, Clearing, Healing, Activation and Manifestation. The sixth Ray, called the Source Ray, focuses on lifting you further into the unfolding human ascension process.

Both programs consist of training booklets to be read before the attunement meditations, a discussion period beforehand, and the attunement. The attunements can be done in person, by phone, or video chat. They can also be received individually or within a small group.

The AngelLinks program is $100/session or $450 prepaid for all 5 sessions.

The Lightarian Rays program is $80/session or $345 prepaid for all 6 sessions. 

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